You don’t want a trustee who talks down to you.  The trustee should be an equal partner, an eye-to-eye level partner, with a shared vision for the future.  It should never be a “big guy, little guy” relationship.

Our trust management services are specifically tailored to the needs of each client.  We take into consideration your liquidity needs, risk tolerance for investments, tax situation, short-term and long-term goals, as well as similar characteristics for any successor beneficiaries such as children.  You may have needs to purchase a home, either within or outside of the trust.  Or you or your children may have college expenses upcoming.  You may have plans for medical procedures, business investment or acquisition.  Or you may simply want your trust assets to grow over a long period of time.  We tailor the administration of your trust to address those expectations and needs.

Perhaps it makes sense to transfer some business assets to a trust, such as rental real estate, or privately-held business ownership interests.  Why?  As part of your estate plan you likely will want those assets unencumbered by limitations of probate upon your death.  And/or, during your lifetime you want to shelter yourself from potential personal liabilities that might arise from ownership of those assets.  We will work with your attorney to establish and help manage a trust to accomplish those objectives, if such an arrangement makes sense.

In many traditional trust company environments your liquid trust funds are invested in a “common trust fund”.  In other words, one size fits all.  We do not offer any form of “common trust fund”.  Every trust is managed individually.  The specific needs of each client are reflected in the daily administration of that client’s trust.

Peak Fiduciary, LLC is not a trust company.  We do not take deposits or offer services that a bank would offer.  We do not offer loans, we do not issue credit or debit cards, and we don’t sell CDs or other bank-based financial instruments.  Instead, we manage your trust assets utilizing a variety of large custodial institutions where your accounts are insured to maximum limits (brokerage firms, banks, etc.).  And we are not locked into any one institution.  If you or your client have a preference for any institution we will work within that relationship.