Does everyday bill payment, investment and retirement account management, and living within a budget leave you not being able to see the forest for the trees?  Give us a call.  We’ll deal with the trees so you can enjoy the view of the forest and beyond.

Peak Fiduciary can administer your finances on a daily basis, while affording you the peace of mind to know where your money is at all times.  Most of the time, this can easily be accomplished under a limited Durable Power of Attorney, which specifically outlines and limits what authorities we do, and do not have, such as signature authority on a bank or investment account.  That document can be customized to your specific needs based on what services you want us to provide.  We can keep track of every penny that comes into your account, and track every payment or disbursement out of your account, and give you monthly or quarterly reports showing where everything went.  And we can structure our reporting to greatly simplify your year-end tax return preparation by documenting and categorizing your expenditures in tax-oriented “buckets” of data.  Does the prospect of reconciling your bank accounts leave you mystified?  We will do that as part of our engagement automatically.  Do you watch your accounts daily to ensure no suspicious activity that could be identity theft is happening?  We check your account daily and scrutinize any transaction not initiated by you or us.  Could your credit score be improved with better management and timely payment of bills?  That is a fundamental focus of our service.

Do you wish you had organized records to take to your mortgage company to refinance your home loan?  Or should you even be considering refinancing?  If so, should you do a 30 year or 15 year loan?  Do you wonder whether you should buy or lease that new vehicle?  Should you be looking at new or used vehicles?  How about how to finance those home improvement projects?  We are there to help guide you through and counsel you with best options when these issues arise.

For easier tax filing, automatic payment of your bills, and possible improvement of your credit score, please call or email us to discuss how we can assist you.