Through our affiliate company, Peak Consultants, LLC, we can help manage the many pieces of the business puzzle for clients who require business consulting assistance.  Examples of the services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Interim or part-time executive roles (CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, Treasurer, Controller) sometimes arising from the sudden departure of an incumbent, or simply because it is not economical to hire a full-time executive to fill the role
  • Turnaround projects where a business needs significant change in order to survive, or simply to significantly improve performance
  • Negotiation and management of business financing:
    • Private stock offerings (Reg D offerings primarily)
    • Public Stock offerings (IPO and secondary offerings)
    • Bank financing
    • Private debt financing
    • Crowdfunding
  • Long-term strategic planning, dovetailing with current operational budgeting efforts (the two are seldom linked which is why long-term plans fail)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions activity:
    • Valuation of the company (the client company for sale, or the company being acquired)
    • Adjustments to operations to enhance value for the seller
    • Assistance with due diligence process and evaluation
    • Negotiation thru closing of the final transaction
  • Participation in management of a family business, particularly if the business is part of a trust for which Peak Fiduciary may act as trustee; sometimes our help can be particularly beneficial during generational transfers of the business operati0n

Fee structures for these services are negotiable based on the nature, duration, risk, and personnel requirements for the assignment.  In select cases, we may defer a portion of our fees which are ultimately paid out of a targeted future financing transaction (sale of the business, obtaining new financing through debt or equity placement, etc.).  Please call us to discuss.