Welcome to Peak Fiduciary

Our Philosophy

The Matterhorn exemplifies our use of the word “Peak” in our name, and our motto to “rise above the rest”.  Anyone who has seen the Matterhorn in person is struck by how that peak stands out among the surrounding mountains.  It is truly head and shoulders above the rest.  We strive to provide a level of service to our clients that similarly stands head and shoulders above the rest.  As we work with you, we welcome your constructive feedback to ensure that we are truly the Matterhorn of trust management and advisory companies.

Our Business

Peak Fiduciary, LLC is a Colorado limited liability company, and was founded in 2012 by Bob Beckes and Don Hafner.  In 2017 Bob became the sole principal in the business.  His background (see bio on this website) offers a broad range of expertise in supporting all client needs.  Our service offerings can assist you with:

  • Long-term expert financial management services to clients who receive large asset settlements or bequests in a personal injury or other liability lawsuit, divorce, inheritance, or even lottery winnings
  • If desired, we can draft the appropriate trust documents for you (we are not a law firm however, so all such documents are submitted to your law firm for review, edit, and final submission, if necessary, to the jurisdictional court)
  • We can design a trust or fiduciary management account structure to meet specific needs, and can be time-limited in duration, event-limited, or perpetual; we will coordinate the structure with your estate plan
  • Trust management for living trusts, capital preservation trusts, special needs trusts, family trusts with and without business management interests
  • Consulting services in the areas of financial management and business administration
  • General management and financial management services provided to family trusts which involve business operations

In all instances, our focus is on personalized service.